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Constant Reminder (Seth, Cole and Rene) were all born in Melfort, Saskatchewan and are members of the James Smith Indian Reserve. Music was introduced to us at an early age through our parents. Our parents would listen to all kinds of music, from classical to blues to country to fiddling to rock and roll and music of the day.

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Cole Constant
. . . in the recording studio at the microphone.

Cole Constant picked up his first guitar and began singing at the age of 9, listening and playing songs from John Fogerty, Johnny Cash, Trooper and old rock and roll songs. Cole is a self taught musician, learning songs by ear through many hours of practice.

His interests are music, volleyball, and gaming. His favorite websites are Facebook and YouTube.

Cole is attending School at the Bernard Constant Community School (BCCS) situated on the James Smith Reserve.

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. . . in the recording studio with his guitar.

Seth Constant picked up the guitar four months after Cole, at the age of 11. Seth likes the music of Nickelback, Metallica, ZZ Top, Chuck Berry and many more.

Seth is also a self taught musician listening and trying to play along with the music through hours and hours of practice, his interests are music, volleyball, Facebook, YouTube and gaming.

He also attends BCCS on James Smith.

Cole Constant
. . . in the recording studio at the drum set.

Rene (Raynee) Constant picked up the sticks at age 8, listening and watching an uncle, who played for the boys until Rene was good enough to take on the full set of drums.

Rene too is a self taught musician, he learned by listening to music, watching musicians and he began picking up his own techniques with many hours of practice. His influences are his older brothers, his uncle and he has a favorite drummer called Ringo Starr.

His interests are the solar system, music, and games.

Our History

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At the age of 9, Cole entered in a Festival in Prince Albert and performed Bob Dylan's Knocking on Heaven's Door and he won first place and then soon after that Seth and Cole began making wedding appearances and more festivals.

September 19, 2009 they entered a talent show in Prince Albert as their first performance together and they placed 3rd.  From that day on they been performing all across Saskatchewan, doing weddings, festivals, carnivals, appearances, and concerts.

As a group, Constant Reminder's influences are bands like: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, CCR,  U2, Nickelback, BTO, Trooper, Aerosmith and more. Blues Greats like: John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter, Muddy Waters and more. Country greats like: Charlie Pride, Keith Urban, Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash and more. Rock and Roll greats like: Chuck Berry and Elvis, etc. … basically almost all genres of music influence us.

Seth, Cole and Rene also help out their grandfather, Reverend Wilfred Sanderson, with hymns at our local church.

In 2006/2007, our father wouldn't be home for long periods of time and he would miss all of us, his kids, his relatives, his home. On his travels he would get many little reminders of home, family, people, and us, constantly. So he called us … Constant Reminder


Our Goal

…is to take music as far as music takes us, to play anywhere, anytime, any opportunity to help, to influence and to inspire, people — young and old.

Thank you !!!!!!!    

To our fans with love


Constant Reminder